Welcome to CIL Textiles! Incepted in 1974, we are one of the largest manufacturer and exporter from India of Performance Textiles for various Industrial and Technical applications. We produce fabrics with Spun and Filament yarns. Including Cotton, Polyester, Poly Cotton, Nylon, Acrylic. The range of Fabrics includes Loom State to Processed fabrics meeting specific performance parameters. Our Fabrics cater to various applications including , Outdoor Canvas for Tents,Tarpaulins,Tipis, Awnings, Umbrella, Cushions, Swags, Horse Blankets etc,Filter Cloth, Fabrics for Digital printing, Rubber Industries, Home Textiles, Soft Luggage, Tote Bags, Shoes Etc. We specialise in Fire retardant and Water proof fabrics for Military applications. We also complement our customers by offer cutting and sewing facilities meeting their specific demands. For the Art Trade we have a complete range of Primed and Unprimed fabrics on Rolls as well as Stretched Frames and Canvas Panels.

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